Visual Planning, Scheduling and Workloading

At last - a system that's accurate and works

What if you had a fast, precise and flexible way of calculating exactly how long a job is going to take? And how many staff it requires.

You can now accurately visualise each potential cleaning job before you commit to it - knowing exactly how long to allow and the number of team members to allocate to it.

For contractors this means you can:

  • Eliminate the risk of undercharging for a job
  • Look professional in front of potential clients
  • Use proven, scientific calculations instead of guesswork
  • Easily and effectively schedule work for your team

For facility managers:

  • Eliminate the risk of being overcharged
  • Set a benchmark
  • Use proven, scientific calculations instead of guesswork
  • Visual schedules used as performance indicators for your cleaning contractor

Please note we can also assist smaller entities with their proposals and tenders/bids, acting as consultants on specific jobs.

All times have been developed and fine-tuned for over 20 years in thecleaning industry as well as incorporating the ISSA 540 times. Variables are service levels required, traffic, equipment used, staff productivity, visits per week etc.

A free list of the ISSA 540 cleaning times can be obtained here.

Eliminate guesswork from your cleaning contracts, forever

Regardless of the size of building, dimension or number of rooms, layout of fixtures and type of floors, The Cleaning System enables you to quickly assess the time required for each task.

It is both proven and ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels, colleges and universities, and public buildings, to name a few.

You can also quickly and easily assess how long it takes to clean a single area, how changes to a job (for example, its frequency) can impact your bottom line, and create reports for each of your contracts and individual staff members.

And all this through a visual interface with dynamic floor plans, so you know what you need to do at all times.

Visualise your cleaning regime: